“Journey to Harmony” from the suite "Ray of Water"

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This is the score of “Journey to Harmony,” the 3rd movement of the suite "Ray of Water" premiered at The National Festival to celebrate the throne of New Emperor on November 9, 2019.

【Complimentary Version】

  • This score has been made available for free of charge, by Meow on the Bridge Inc. covering the royalty payments to JASRAC on behalf of the users, in response to the wish of “the Cerebration Committee of the His Majesty the Emperor’s Accession to the Throne” to make this celebratory music shared by many people widely for years to come.
  • The complimentary version contains the same score as the regular non-complimentary version.
  • If you cannot display the complimentary PDF with your browser, or if you wish to browse the score in the local environment, please purchase the regular version, which is non-complimentary and downloadable with non-restricted display off the site.

【Regular Version】(non-complimentary)

• For the same reason as for the complimentary version, this regular version is provided at the minimum cost to cover payments to JASRAC.

• This version contains the same score as the complimentary version.

• This version is provided in the form of an ordinary downloadable PDF file. You can browse and print the downloaded file offline.

【Matters to be Noted for the Both Versions】

You may make copies of the score for your personal use only. For distributing the score on the Internet or to any third party, please make sure to take all required procedures with JASRAC by yourself.

• The service to provide the complimentary version may be discontinued, and the price of the regular version may change without any prior notice under some circumstances.

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