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Hana wa Saku (FLOWERS WILL BLOOM)(4-parts a Capella chorus arrangement)

Song Score
This is an additional license to​ be purchased when choiring by 21 or more people. Copy and use the PDF of the required part.

This product is electronically distributed (PDF) only.

This is a charity song designed to support the physical and mental recovery of the affected areas and victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011. This is an unaccompanied and choral arrangement by the composer Yoko Kanno herself.

Level: for advanced choirs

Target: 4-part a Capella chorus

Product contents: Full score, Soprano score, Alto, score, Bass score, Tenor score

Number of licenses: 20 (Up to 20 people in the same group can use these scores without purchasing additional licenses. If you song more than 20 people, please purchase additional licenses. )

花は咲く アカペラ譜面お手本音源You can download files at "Attachments tab".

花は咲く アカペラ譜面お手本音源You can download files at "Attachments tab".

Number of licenses:
Performance Style:
Song Score

demo (Hana_wa_Saku_a_cappella_demo_.wav, 99,594 Kb) [Download]

花は咲く お手本(MP3ファイル) (Hana_wa_Saku_a_cappella_demo.mp3, 8,257 Kb) [Download]