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”Journey to Harmony” from the suite "Ray of Water"(4-parts a Capella chorus arrangement)

Number of Pages: 21, Song Score

This product is electronically distributed (PDF) only.

This is the score of “Journey to Harmony” the 3rd movement of the suite "Ray of Water" , that unaccompanied sound and 4-parts chorus arrangement by the composer Yoko Kanno herself, premiered at The National Festival to celebrate the throne of New Emperor on November 9.2019.

The arrangement is difficult and worth working on. Performance time: 4 and a half minutes

Level: for advanced choirs

Target: 4-part a Capella chorus

Product contents: Piano, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and full score (a composite of the above five parts)

Number of licenses: 20 (Up to 20 people in the same group can use these scores without purchasing additional licenses. If you song more than 20 people, please purchase additional licenses.)

奉祝曲Ray of Water 第三楽章Journey to Harmony アカペラ譜面お手本音源You can download files at "Attachments tab".

In addition to this way of singing, you can also sing in your own interpretation, such as keeping the music score, keeping the tempo constant, adding a bounce in the middle, and singing in a gospel style.

Thank you very much to Thanks!K Orchestra and Chor Pan-D-ra's Box for their support of the model project.

※What is a model


This is a capricious project that recruits collaborators to create reference sound sources for music sold on this site.

Choir Lineup: Journey to HarmonyTwo parts / Three parts / 4-parts chorus / a cappella (with model sound source) / Hana wa Saku a cappella / Piano Solo

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Song Score

Journey to Harmony a cappella (journey_to_harmony_acappella.mp4, 16,593 Kb) [Download]

Journey to Harmony a cappella お手本(WAVファイル) (journey_to_harmony_accapplla.wav, 182,113 Kb) [Download]