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”Journey to Harmony” from the suite "Ray of Water"(4-parts chorus arrangement)

Number of Pages: 19, Song Score

This product is electronically distributed (PDF) only.

      This is the score of “Journey to Harmony” the 3rd movement of the suite "Ray of Water" , that 4-parts chorus arrangement with piano accompaniment by the composer Yoko Kanno herself, premiered at The National Festival to celebrate the throne of New Emperor on November 9.2019.

      Level: for intermediate choirs

      Target: 4-part chorus

      Product contents: Piano, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and full score (a composite of the above five parts)

      Number of licenses: 20 (Up to 20 people in the same group can use these scores without purchasing additional licenses. If you song more than 20 people, please purchase additional licenses.)

      Journey to Harmony Lineup:Two parts / Three parts / 4-parts chorus / a cappella / Orchestra / Piano Solo

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