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“Journey to Harmony” from the suite "Ray of Water"(two-parts chorus arrangement)

Number of Pages: 17, Song Score

This product is electronically distributed (PDF) only.

      This is the score of “Journey to Harmony” the 3rd movement of the suite "Ray of Water" , that two-parts chorus arrangement by the composer Yoko Kanno herself, premiered at The National Festival to celebrate the throne of New Emperor on November 9.2019.

      Level: Beginner (both piano and chorus)

      Target: Female chorus in two parts (Male can sing if they sing under the transposition or octave.)

      Lyrics are written in Japanese.

      Product contents: Full score, piano score, soprano score, alto score

      Number of licenses: 12 (Up to 12 people in the same group can use these scores without purchasing additional licenses. If you song more than 12 people, please purchase additional licenses.)

      ※The piano score is the same as the three-part chorus.

      Journey to Harmony Lineup:Two parts / Three parts / 4-parts chorus / a cappella / Orchestra / Piano Solo

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