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T-shirts with the Captain's footprints (Tanabata Festival Support T-Shirt)

Each size is a standard size in Japan. For more information [?] Please see.
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Our quantity discounts:
Quantity 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+
Price 3,888 3,871 3,863 3,858

Captain Duckling's sales talk: "Watch and enjoy, listen and chew, wear and taste. Choose one from size M, L or XL."

But still updating the image, so merchandise is roughly same with the image but not perfectly same.Images are the artist's impression of the merchandise.

The appearance of the Captain's footprints will vary by size you choose.

If you choose EMS for delivery method, you might be get until July 7, the day of "Tanabata festival".
(Of course, it depends on the delivery situations at your country.)

This price is the "Tanabata Festival Support Price".

Initial offer: a SEATBELTS sticker.

Sales period: Until July 12(JST) (tentative)

To international customers:
We are sorry that you should pay more expensive shipping cost than Japanese customers, but on the other hand we have arranged not to charge sales tax (10%) for your purchase.

We are very sorry, but currently post office halts to accept packages for many countries and areas.

If you are living in such countries or areas, we will mail you the situation and keep your goods until the post office starts to work as usual. If you don't want to wait, please let us to know you want to cancel your order.

We apologize for inconvenience.