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SEATBELTS supporter's kit

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This kit contains sufficient items for SEATBELTS supporters.

That is;

  • SEATBELTS uniform
  • TANK! sticker

About the uniform

Each uniform (T-shirt) has a unique serial number, and there is only one uniform with the same number in the world. Number 1 is of course for Captain Duckling. You may believe that this unique number is your SEATBELTS supporter club membership number.

SEATBELTS uniforms are in five sizes: M, L, XL, Eric Miyashiro size (3XL), and Koji Nishimura size (American 3XL).

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These are generally in the 1000's, excluding the 2071 pieces that were used for members, officials, and for returning the ”Love”.

Your number will be given randomly, and you cannot choose your number.

However, the earlier you will order, the smaller number you may have.

This uniform t-shirt is not for sale, but it is rented to you until December 31, 2071.

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About TANK! Sticker

This is the same sticker that SEATBELTS members have on their instrument cases.

Jacket image sticker of TANK! Virtual Session 2020 (available on spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc.) which was sold at the Online Tanabata Festival.

The size is 70mmx70mm.

For overseas customers

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If your address does not support EMS temporarily, Captain Duckling and Butler will take care of your package and ship it after it is resumed.