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Pair T-shirts with the Captain's footprints (Tanabata Festival Support T-Shirt)

Coming soon!

A pair of 2 t-shirts with Captain Duckling's footprints.

Captain's Sales Talk: For someone important. For a mid-year gift to that person who has helped you. For ingratiation. For your imaginary wife or boyfriend. For your newborn. For your future wife or boyfriend. Please choose 2 pieces from size M, L, XL.

Due to adult reasons, this item cannot be purchased from this page, so please purchase T-shirts with the Captain's footprints (Tanabata Festival Support T-Shirt) (a discounted price of 7,776 yen for the purchase of two).

These images are the artist's impression of the finished product.

The appearance of the Captain's footprints will vary by size you choose.

Orders received by the Jun 20th will be shipped by the Jun 29th..
If you choose EMS for delivery method, you might be get until July 7, the day of "Tanabata festival".
(Of course, it depends on the delivery situations at your country.)

This price is the "Tanabata Festival Support Price".

Initial offer: a SEATBELTS sticker.

Sales period: Until July 12(JST) (tentative)