Report on Sales Donations

February 10, 2021

All the proceeds (405,477 yen) from the sales of sheet music for "Hana wa Saku (FLOWERS WILL BLOOM)", "Ray of Water", and "Journey to Harmony" on this website until February 9, 2021 were donated to Musubie, an NPO that supports children's cafeterias.

Thank you very much to everyone who bought the sheet music.

We hope that as many children as possible will be able to have a great meal.

We also hope that this will help those who are running children's cafeterias under difficult circumstances.

Q: I understand that there is a copyright usage fee (payment to JASRAC), etc. Why do you charge the full amount of sales?

A: I'm not good at calculations, so I decided to use the most straightforward sales amount.

Q:Will you continue to donate to Musubie in the future?

A:Our future donation plan is undecided.

Q:What happens to the proceeds other than the sales of sheet music?

A:We would like to donate it in some way, but when and where is yet to be decided.