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Amatora (Symphony With Everything On It) - Toranoi /Toranoko/ Toranome /Toranoo (Wind Ensemble version) Full Score and Parts

Number of Pages: 223, Full Score and Parts

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Full score and parts of the main theme songs in the form of a suite for the NHK TV drama series "Lady Lord Naotora" which will be aired for the entire year in 2017.

Wind ensemble version. (No piano part.)

Story outline:

The drama "Lady Lord Naotora" (Naotora means tiger) takes place during the feudal period of Japan.

After most of the men in her family have been lost to war, a woman who named herself "Tiger” became the lord of her castle.

It is a story of the exciting life of a lady with fortitude who survives the tumultuous time with her family and vassals.

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Brass Band
Full Score and Parts